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Life giving, life sustaining. Precious. Water cycling through all its forms. Solid, liquid, vapor. The watershed itself, a delicate cycling balance between earth and sky has been in perpetual motion on planet Earth for 4 billion years. Each species relies on the watershed cycle for its existence, including homosapiens, humans. Long ago the planet faced an Eco disaster but our ancient ancestors worked with other species and used the knowledge of the earth to save the environment. But now humans are ignoring the wisdom of the ancestors and are endangering the very watershed needed to sustain their lives and those of other animals and plants on the planet.

They have forgotten that we are all stewards of this magical planet and responsible for its care.


But all is not lost. There is a group of humans who have banded together with other species to help save the environment from destruction, but they need your help. If you are willing to help the earth, then pass through the portal and seek out the Smithsonian Eco Scientists and other earth conscious citizens. They will help you with your quests. Remember to also ask the various animals in the watershed that you see. They have valuable insight from their eyes about the environment. And I will be there along the way as your spirit guide in all timelines as you quest, for you may need to seek the wisdom of the ancient ancestors as well. Go now and save our planet!