How Can E-Prescribing Save Your Pharmacy Time?

In the modern age, many tasks across many different industries are becoming more and more automated. Employers are looking for digital solutions to make the lives of their employees a little more convenient, which can equal better quality work and a better work environment overall.

Not many businesses know how hectic things can be better than pharmacies, and thankfully, pharmacists and their staff can now make their work a little easier thanks to automation solutions provided by e prescribing software.

How Do These Systems Make Things Easier?

Think about the amount of time you save by having your computer or smartphone automate one of your personal tasks for you. It can be something as simple as a to-do list, to something major, like overhauling a workplace to provide digital solutions to common problems.

e prescribing software

The life of a pharmacist is full of repetitive tasks that need to be done many times a day, and electronic prescription software can help with so many of these, which can free up the pharmacy staff’s time to work on other tasks.

·    Reminders

Reminding your patients that their prescriptions are ready to be picked up or refilled can be a thing of the past thanks to software that can send them an SMS reminder on their phone, or give them an automated voice call as a reminder.

·    Inventory

Pharmacies need to know what their stock looks like so they know when it is time to reorder certain medications or supplies. Automation can help you keep track of your stock easier, so you won’t have to count everything by hand anymore.

·    Handling calls

Thanks to interactive voice systems, people calling into the pharmacy can speak with an automated line first, which will then direct them to the appropriate party if the call needs human interaction. This saves pharmacy staff time from picking up the phone every time it rings.

These are all daily pharmacy tasks that can be easily automated with the help of specialized software. These solutions might be a great option for your pharmacy to consider when you’re ready to streamline and modernize the way your pharmacy operates.