Pros And Cons Of Group Therapy

Only one con will be mentioned at this point in time. It is not contentious but it might be helpful in terms of creating awareness. Also note that the best group therapy benton advice still comes from qualified consultants. It is quite possible that they may advise otherwise. Also, there will of course be more positives drawn out of going in for group therapy at any level. So to the first and only negative then.

Particularly for those who are known to suffer from depression or similar mental disorders, as well as high levels of stress and anxiety, it has always been a good piece of advice to steer clear away from others who are clearly negative in every way. Nine times out of ten perhaps not, but still, it could still happen. In group therapy, you’re surrounded by fellow sufferers who’ve all got something sad in common with you.

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And should anyone of them be able to open up, you’re bound to hear a sad story or two. How depressing could that be? Actually, it’s never as bad as that. Indeed, the group therapy facilitator encourages folks to open up. It’s for their own good. It’s part of the therapy. The group therapy facilitator is a qualified therapist and knows how to channel the conversation. Although it’s a duty to remain as objective and impassive as possible, he or she may also have personal experience of what the speaker is going through.

He or she is then able to share more intimate thoughts which are usually geared to inspire or uplift those in the group. Like mentioning the fact that he hasn’t had a drink for more than ten years now. Or how great it feels to be a real woman.